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Burlington 3455 Fairview St
Tel: 905-633-9222
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Etobicoke 5359 Dundas St W
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Behaviour Therapy

Behaviour Therapy in the Greater Toronto Area

There are a variety of reasons why a child might behave a certain way and at Canoe Therapy, we believe that it's our job to identify what might cause specific behaviours in your child. As pediatric therapists, we cannot only identify and understand why your child exhibits certain behaviours, but we can also help your child develop and learn desired behaviours using a consistent approach that covers multiple aspects of their life.

What Can We Do?

We use evidence-based strategies to help your child develop skills that can benefit them in home, school, and social settings. For example, we will work to help your child master skills such as:

How We Can Help

Our team of instructor therapists use the principles of Verbal Behaviour (VB) and Applied Behaviour Analysis (AVB), the only intervention scientifically proven to develop lasting, positive changes in individuals with autism.

Through our program, we can help your child master new skills and desired behaviours in a safe, supportive environment. Our services include the following:

All of our instructors have strong background knowledge in psychology and other related fields, are thoroughly trained in ABB and VA-MAPP assessment. Our therapists and your child's treatment are also consistently overseen by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Are you covered?

Canoe Therapy is approved for Direct Funding Option (DFO) for families who qualify through their regional government service provider. Please contact us for more details.

Contact Our Burlington or Etobicoke Pediatric Therapy Center

At Canoe Therapy, we can provide your child with the tools, resources, and skills they need to succeed at home and at school. For more information about our behavioural therapy program and how it can benefit your child, contact us today by calling 905-633-9222.

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