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Canoe Therapy Offers Help for Back to School Anxiety

TORONTO, Sept. 8, 2014 /CNW/ -- Pediatric therapy center, Canoe Therapy, is offering groups and individual counseling sessions run by a Psychologist to help kids cope with their school related anxieties.

Approximately 12% of Canadian children suffer from Separation Anxiety Disorder which can lead to school refusal, slipping grades & social difficulties.

Canoe Therapy's groups meet weekly, while for a more private setting individual therapy is available. Each group focuses on a particular skill or coping mechanism including practicing communication skills, social skills and managing anxiety.

Canoe offers one-on-one counseling by a Psychologist, for more severe cases of anxiety, which can often trigger physical symptoms. Individual therapy uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help children develop strategies and techniques to manage their anxiety and succeed at school. Parents are actively encouraged to be involved in sessions to help their child generalize new skills to their home, while active liaison with the educational team ensures success in school.

"Our goal is to give kids the necessary tools to navigate their home, school and social environments," said Jess Urcuyo, Director, Clinical Operations & Occupational Therapist for Canoe Therapy. "We're very passionate about helping children overcome their anxieties and succeed in school as well as life."

In addition to Psychology, Canoe offers Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Behaviour Therapy.

About Canoe Therapy

Canoe Therapy recognizes that the connection a therapist makes with the child is the most important step in the process of helping a child reach their full potential. Unlike most children's therapy clinics, Canoe Therapy offers an integrated approach where therapists from the five therapies offered at Canoe work together to plan and support a child's development and celebrate milestones throughout their journey. Canoe specializes in Speech Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Behavioural Therapy.


Located in Burlington, with more locations planned, they can be reached at 905-633-9222, info@canoetherapy.ca or visit www.canoetherapy.ca for more information.

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