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What to Expect from Canoe

Here at Canoe Therapy, we believe in team work to reach mutual goals. Teams comprised of therapists, family members, clinic staff, and children in need, work together to reach their child’s goals and build long lasting positive habits. In order to be more effective at reaching  these goals, the team at Canoe  sets clear expectations for each of our clients and then sets out to meet or exceed them.

When you first call Canoe, your call is either taken live or will be returned by our Family Coordinator within 24 hours. We’ll discuss treatment options and services as well as support for families and information about our therapists, so you can make an informed decision. Once you schedule an appointment, a confirmation will be noted by a welcome email, with a follow up e-reminder of your visit (because let's face it: who isn't busy these days?!). And, of course, you are more than welcome to come by for a complimentary tour of the Canoe clinic either prior to or on the day of your first appointment.

We Individualize Treatment

We realize that each child is different and will require unique treatments to best facilitate their growth and development. Our programs will be modified depending on the needs of your child to ensure that he or she receives the treatment, strategies and tools needed to succeed both at the clinic and at home and school. Our therapy specialties include:

We’re Always Learning

We pride ourselves on being a teaching clinic. Supervising students is a valuable learning experience for our established team of therapists. It allows us to keep up to date with new evidence and techniques while also providing an opportunity to assist in the future development of our profession. Colleague-to-colleague collaboration is an important part of our team as it gives us an opportunity to learn from and support each other. While we may ask university students or colleagues to participate in your child's session,we’ll always get your consent first.

We’re All Ears

We're a passionate and dedicated team. We love what we do, and we're good at it. But, we're also human. We might actually deviate from perfection from time to time! But we do want you to have a wonderful journey with us. If we've made a mistake or if there's something bothering you, we want to hear about it. We understand that our families have a lot on their plates and we don't want to contribute to your stress levels. We're here to make life easier for you and your child. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve your experience with us, we encourage you to share your ideas. Please reach out to whoever you feel most comfortable talking to - your therapists, our front desk team, or Jess Urcuyo the Director of Clinical Operations.

Call Us!

Call or email us today to find out how our professionals can be of assistance to your family, or swing by our therapy center in Burlington and take a tour. We are always excited to work with new families and we look forward to working with you and your child!

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