Author: Michelle Binette

5 Tips to promote well-being in siblings of children with disabilities (Part 2)

Talk - Sibling of Autism
If your child’s disability is affecting the time and attention their siblings are getting, acknowledge that.

This is Part 2 of our 10-Part blog series about the challenges and experiences of the siblings of kids with a diagnosis. Be sure to check back for future posts in the series. 

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5 Tips to keep your children strong in the face of terrorism


Written by Marie-Eve Dubois

This week, we’ve been surprised and shocked by brutal and violent attacks against Canadian military. On Monday, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was rammed over and killed, only 20 minutes away from my hometown, where one of my uncle is a military. On Wednesday, Cpl Nathan Cirillo was shot in front the National War Memorial in Ottawa. Needless to say, these attacks have hit close to home. As Canadians, this is not a reality we are used to- we live in a peaceful and safe country, right? Read more

Holiday Gift Guide For Kids With Special Needs (Part 5 of 5)


By Nancianne ChinMeet our children’s therapist team.

As we round up our 5-part blog series we take a look at gifts that focus on literacy, an incredibly important life-skill. We’ve complied some great reads for children of different ages. But don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about the parents – we encourage you to check out  a couple highly-recommended books in Part 3 of our holiday blog series. Read more