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Family Literacy Day


By Victoria Vanderstoep, Student Communicative Disorders Assistant, Durham College

Does your child enjoy reading stories before bed or singing silly songs throughout the day? What about playing word games or writing notes to their friends and family? Did you know that these are just some of the activities that will help a child develop their literacy skills! Family Literacy Day, which was on January 27th is a national awareness initiative to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. Read more

A Thematic Approach to Speech


By Victoria Vanderstoep, Student Communicative Disorders Assistant, Durham College

The first few days of 2015 have certainly been some cold ones! Hitting wind chills deep in the -20’s. However, winter is not all bad! While we are curled up inside, maybe by a warm fire or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, winter still offers lots of fun activities. Reading books, playing games and doing different crafts and activities that use winter as the main theme are excellent tools to use in a thematic approach to speech and can keep you warm on those chilly winter nights. Read more

Typing versus Printing: The Great Debate


Written by Sandra Ellis, Student Occupational Therapist McMaster University

When should kids who struggle with printing focus on printing and when should they type instead?

Many parents of children with fine motor difficulties struggle with the question of when they should put printing skills on the back burner and focus instead on typing. On one side of the debate, parents are concerned when printing is left unattended because many important day-to-day activities require basic handwriting skills such as signing cards or documents and filling out forms. On the other side, many parents become concerned when too much focus is placed on printing because they feel their child could produce so much more in school if they were allowed to type instead of print. Read more

How to increase independence in a child with a disability (part 10)

Let your child with disability do a load of laundry and so what if a white t-shirt got mixed in the wash with the brand new jeans…and it’s now light blue. That’s a lesson!

This is Part 10 of our 10-Part blog series about the challenges and experiences of the siblings of kids with a diagnosis. Be sure to check back for future posts in the series.

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