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Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids with Special Needs (part 1 of 5)



Written by Marie-Eve Dubois. Meet our children’s therapist team.

Tis’ the season for giving! Do you or anyone around you have a child with special needs and you’ve been trying to find great gift ideas that would not only be fun, but helpful? Over the next few weeks, our team will be sharing with you some of their great finds. We hope this will inspire you!

Gifts for Children with ADHD

A few weeks ago, I bought two little pieces of twistable plastic, and put them on my desk for children to fiddle with. I used to have them in my office back in Quebec, and they were quite popular. However, I didn’t expect the kind of reaction I got at Canoe! All my colleagues were trying them, and while they were initially intended for the children I see, it turns out many parents have enjoyed them too! Everyone (including clients of my colleagues I had never met) were now asking where they could purchase them! This is where the idea of this blog series came from: what if we shared our favourite tools, toys and books for all to enjoy?

Our holiday gift guide for kids with special needs is available in 5 series. Visit series 1, series 2, series 3, series 4, and series 5.

Here are three of my favourite items for children with ADHD

1) The Tangle! This is the famous piece of plastic referred to above! I currently own a bigger version with textured rubber and a smaller, fuzzy one. The simple plastic ones are also great for children who do not like the added texture. These are meant to be manipulated to increase calm, focus and attention, and provide additional sensory stimulation. These are quite inexpensive and make a great stocking stuffer!

Tangle Therapy (available at Scholar’s Choice $14.99)
Tangle Jr. Fuzzies Fidget Toy (available at Scholar’s Choice $5.99)
Tangle Jr. Neon & Sparkle Fidget Toy (available at Scholar’s Choice $3.99)

2) Cushions. We’ve all known a child (or adult!) who had trouble staying in their seat, kept moving around, etc. Some may have tried sitting on an exercise ball, but sometimes that’s just too much movement, or is inconvenient. A great alternative are cushions designed to allow the child to sit on a surface that moves and gives them additional sensory input. You may need to look for the perfect one for your child, but luckily, many different styles are now available, from the spiky one (it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as it seems) to the wedge cushion.

Spiky Tactile Cushion – 13′ (available at Scholar’s Choice $32.99)
10″ Wedge Cushion (available at Scholar’s Choice $32.99)

3.) My Brain Needs Glasses. This little gem exists in an extended parent version in French, but this children’s book is pretty awesome too! This book reads as the journal of Tom, a child diagnosed with ADHD. He shares helpful information for children with the same diagnosis, but also their siblings, parents and educators (did you say you were looking for a gift for your child’s teacher?). The fun part is that there is also a version for adults with ADHD called My Brain STILL Needs Glasses.

My Brain STILL Needs Glasses Book for adult with ADHD (available online $19.95)


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Hope you enjoy these! Check back tomorrow for part-2 of Holiday Gift Guide!

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