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The transition back to school after two months of holidays can be a struggle for all kids, especially those on the spectrum or those with other developmental disabilities. Here are a few tips to help ease the transition for both parents and kiddos this September.

  1. Prime you child for the Transition – Talk to your child about going back to school a few weeks before school starts. Putting the event on a calendar or using a countdown can help kids anticipate the start of a new school year. Some children will benefit from a discussion about what will be different come September versus what will be the same. If you know the details about the child’s teacher, educational assistant or classroom use these details to discuss what they can expect come September. Remember to keep the conversation fun and positive!
  1. Get into the School Year Routine – Adjust bedtime and wake up time according to the school year schedule a few weeks before classes start in September. Practice getting ready for school (e.g. waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast and brushing teeth) so that come September, you can ensure you give your child adequate time to prepare for their day.
  1. Establish Consistent Communication with your Child’s School – Ensure that you are communicating with your child’s school enough to help both your child and his or her teachers succeed. When a teacher is familiar with a student (e.g. their learning profile, interests, strengths, triggers and areas in which they need a little extra help) they can prepare the environment and lessons to set your child up for success.

As a parent, you know your child best! Anticipate any anxiety or struggles they might have with the transition back to school and be proactive! Wishing everyone a happy, safe and productive school year!​ Canoe Therapy provides comprehensive paediatric therapy care including, occupational, behaviour and speech therapy as well as psychology and physiotherapy. We also provide assessment and diagnostic testing and documentation for additional school or insurance benefits. Contact our Burlington therapy office today!

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