Visual Schedules

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With the new school year begun, many of our little ones are showing difficulty adjusting to their new routines. Some children can be disorganized as they attempt to complete their morning routine. Others experience stress at school with not knowing what activities will come next, and the comfort of knowing when it’s home-time is a mystery. Visual schedules are a simple, easy to make item that parents and teachers can create, to support these children. Here is an idea for morning routines!


Simply, take clothes pins, and write the morning tasks on each one. Tasks may include; brush teeth, eat breakfast, and kissing parents’ good bye. Your child can hang this schedule on his or her bedroom door, and remove each clothespin as each task is completed.

Here’s another idea for a school routine:


Parents and teachers can find pictures online to print, laminate and affix with Velcro on their backs. Pictures should include all activities that occur at school, so parents are encouraged to connect with classroom teachers about events of the day. Typically, you will find recess, circle time, gym, assembly, table activities, free play, lunch and home time as part of most school routines. Simply have a bag or basket to hold the pictures displaying activities for the day. The classroom teacher can place the pictures sequentially in place within view of your child to refer to throughout the day. Pictures can be ripped off and returned to the basket as each task is completed!

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