Jess is approved for SEAC role

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SEACWe’re so proud to announce that Jess has been elected as alternate representative on behalf of Autism Ontario for the Halton Public School Board SEAC. She’s teaming up with Carla Marshall who is the representative on behalf of Autism Ontario. Carla works for the City of Burlington as a Communications Advisor.

What is SEAC?

SEAC stands for Special Education Advisory Committee, it’s purpose is to help the School Board protect the rights of students with special learning needs. SEAC is made up of trustees and their alternates, representatives and their alternates from local associations, and member at large. There are a total of six community associations represented on the SEAC, each one has a rep and an alternate rep.


There are 12 meetings scheduled throughout each year. The public are encouraged to attend the meetings, although must submit any questions/comments in writing prior to the meeting.

The first meeting is  January 27th starting starting at 7:00 pm and usually take place at the J.W. Singleton Education Centre, 2050 Guelph Line, Burlington.

If you would like to submit questions or comments, Jess can be contacted by email at

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