Physiotherapy and its role for active kids!

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Finding the right type of physical activity for your child is tough with busy schedules, video games and computer technology. It is more important than ever to create healthy habits at a young age to combat the growing popularity of sedentary lifestyles. Physical activity has proven beneficial in preventing diseases, increasing quality of life, improving self-esteem, and promoting healthy growth and development. But is your child getting enough? The Canadian Physical activity guidelines recommends children and youth accumulate a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous- intensity physical activity daily.

It’s important to remember that every child has different needs and interests. Keep this in mind when seeking out a physical activity for your child to best help them succeed. If you have questions or concerns about how best to increase your child’s physical activity or how to get them involved, a pediatric physiotherapist is a great resource. A pediatric physiotherapist can provide you with community opportunities for physical activity and can develop child specific exercise programs to assist your child to reach their full potential.

Physical activity is so important for our bodies, self- esteem and has a positive impact on children’s growth and development. If you need assistance picking out appropriate physical activities, require community resources or have concerns with how to get your child more physically active, a physiotherapist can provide you with additional information.

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