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Circle of Friends


Description: A social skills training group that focuses on building and maintaining friendships. The group uses Applied Behaviour Analysis to teach children about personal space, identifying emotions, applying self-regulation skills, how to initiate and maintain conversation skills and reading body language in social situations.

Where: Canoe Therapy Burlington

Appropriate for: For children who are 5-8 years old, with functional communication looking for social skills. Appropriate for a children with a range of diagnoses, including Autism (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

When: October 12th to November 16th
Wednesday 5:30pm-7pm

# of attendees: 6

Extended Healthcare Coverage: May be eligible for Special Service at Home funding. Developed and supervised by a Board Certified Behavioural Analyst and implemented by an Instructor Therapist.

Staff: Run by Instructor Therapist

Cost: $250

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