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Billing & Payments

All payment is due on a per session basis. Payment for report writing is due upon receipt of the report. For group sessions, 50% of the payment is due upon reserving a spot, with the remaining 50% due at the first session.

All accounts must be cleared prior to continuing with a therapy program.

Payment may be in person using cash, cheque, debit, or credit card or by pre-authorized arrangement with debit or credit card on file (American Express is not accepted). Families may make a deposit in advance if desired, from which payment will be deducted on a per session basis. A charge of $35 will be applied to cover all NSF cheques.

Our system records all sessions that have occurred, all charges made to families, and all payments received. A receipt is created for every payment received and includes the therapist's name, professional designation and registration number. Generally speaking, this payment receipt is the documentation required by insurance companies to process claims. Receipts will be provided by email unless a paper receipt is requested or email is unavailable.

Most of the services provided by Canoe are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). However, part or all of our services may be covered under your extended health care benefit plan or your private insurance plan. If you would like assistance in understanding the coverage available to you in your plan, please speak to your therapist. In addition, Canoe works with a number of not-for-profit organizations that provide funding in specific instances. Please ask your therapist for more information.

Please check with your insurers prior to your session to see if there are any specific requirements for your paperwork, as receipts will not be amended once created.

Parent training coverage

Some insurance companies cover what’s referred to as 'Parent Training' as a means to use a parent's coverage to the benefit of their child's program. We encourage all parents to ask whether their plan includes Parent Training. In some cases, it can provide three times the amount of coverage available to a child! If you have access to Parent Training under your plan, speak to your therapist about the appropriateness of using this coverage in your child's program. All Parent Training sessions must be clinically approved by a therapist before scheduling.

Parent Training sessions are not the same as a typical treatment session. Therapists plan and record their sessions differently for Parent Training sessions, and billing is also processed differently. For this reason, your therapist requires 24hrs advance notice to turn a typical treatment session into a Parent Training session. Once a session has occurred, typical treatment sessions cannot be ‘turned into’ a Parent Training session, or can the name be transferred from one parent to another.

Travel off-site

Services can be performed off site. A travel premium will be applied to cover the therapist's time.

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