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Children’s Therapy Services

Children's Therapy Services

Our Children’s services include Child Anxiety Therapy, Psychology TherapyPhysiotherapySpeech Therapy, Autism Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Occupational Therapy and more.

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Our Approach for Children’s Therapy

At Canoe, our Children’s Therapists are trained to think differently and to approach therapy from a more holistic perspective. We like to call it an integrated or interdisciplinary approach to kid’s therapy. So when you visit our clinic in Burlington, you can relax: your children are in good hands.

Our therapists are truly passionate about what they do. They will build a strong relationship with your child and your family. Our goal is to help your child thrive and become confident, happy, and successful in life.

Speech TherapyRed swish

Many factors can interfere with a child’s ability to communicate, including physical difficulties, hearing problems, language delays, and cognitive challenges. Our Speech Language Pathologists (S-LP) use a variety of techniques to improve your child’s ability to communicate. »Learn more about Speech Therapy

Children's Psychology Purple swish

Psychology is the study of people’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours; clinical psychology puts that knowledge to use. Our Psychologists can diagnose and treat mental issues that are impairing a child’s life at home, at school or in the community. »Learn more about Children's Psychology services

Children's PhysiotherapyBlue swish

Physiotherapy (PT) is also known as Physical Therapy, physical rehabilitation, or "Physio." Our Physiotherapists help children with all kinds of movement (for example, gross motor skills such as sitting, standing and walking), as well as improved flexibility, strength and endurance. »Learn more about Children's Physiotherapy services

Occupational TherapyGreen swish

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps people to develop or recover daily living and work skills. For children, our Occupational Therapists work on fundamental skills such as play, dressing, school skills, recreation, organization, and eating. »Learn more about Occupational services

Behavioural TherapyYellow swish

Our Children’s Pediatric services include Child Anxiety Therapy, Psychology Therapy,  Physiotherapy,  Speech Therapy, Autism Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Occupational Therapy and more.

Canoe Therapy in Burlington provides the following services:

Autism Spectrum DisorderBlue swish

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) impacts every person differently as there are a range of variations in the way it can present. The first step to identifying if your child has Autism is noticing the signs of this disorder in their behavior. Learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Canoe Clinic

We have an open door policy for families to attend sessions with their child. We actively encourage all parents and guardians to be involved in their child’s program. You are the glue that enables your child to generalize the skills learned in session to their daily life.

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