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School Readiness Skills

A child's success in school can sometimes set the tone for later learning and professional pursuits. Some studies have linked kindergarten academic success with higher education attainment and better employment opportunities in adulthood. Making sure your child is ready for school is an important step to ensure the school year starts off right. At Canoe Therapy, we can help your child prepare for school and give them the confidence and skills they need to be successful.

What is School Readiness?

This is a child's ability to interact and engage with a school setting-peers, teachers, curriculum, routines, schedules, etc. It includes several aspects of a child's overall development including:

At Canoe Therapy, we can help strengthen and hone these important skills so that your student is ready for school.

Skills We Focus On

So much of children's experience in school is decided by their ability to interact socially. Whether children are working on a group project or playing together at recess, social and communication skills play a significant role in their overall school experience. In order to give children the best chances for success at school, we specialize in several types of pediatric therapies including:

Our goal is to help children become well-rounded, well-adjusted children so that they can be ready to navigate an academic environment successfully. We help children strengthen the skills they need to not only perform well in academics, but also do well socially. We tailor our therapeutic approach to suit every child that we work with, acknowledging their strengths as well as their weaknesses.

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