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Developing Social Skills in Children

So much of our adjustment and success throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood stems from our social skills, or our ability to relate and interact with others. Many of these important skills are learned and developed in early childhood. For some children, however, this process may prove more challenging. At Canoe Therapy, we specialize in facilitating the learning of these important social skills. We offer the best pediatric therapy Burlington has to offer.

Reading Social Cues

Some children with learning disabilities may have a difficult time interpreting social cues during social interactions. Some signs of this could include:

At Canoe Therapy, we use several methods of therapy to help children hone these social skills.

Feeling Empathy

Another important skill that we teach at Canoe Therapy is empathy. A child who does not feel empathy for others may struggle socially. At our facility, we work with children to help them understand and reflect how others may feel after any given event.

Mastering Social Overtures

Social overtures include the processes of entering a conversation, leaving a conversation, and getting another person's attention. These are very useful skills to know throughout life, especially in childhood. We can help children learn and rehearse the appropriate way to navigate these overtures so that they can have positive social interactions.

Respecting Personal Space

Children sometimes need extra practice with understanding how physical touch/proximity is appropriate during play and social interaction. At Canoe Therapy, we can help children internalize these social "rules" for personal space.

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Learning social skills during childhood is an important part of their overall development. If you feel that your child may benefit from our program, please contact us today at 905-633-9222. We provide the best and most reputable pediatric therapy and Burlington has to offer.

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