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Children's Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for children

Our Speech Therapy program is designed by our experienced Speech-Language Pathologists. Learn about our dedicated staff & individualized approach! We're ready to help.

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Improving Your Child’s Social & Communication Skills

Speech is an integral part of life and is developed in the earliest years of childhood. Many factors can interfere with a child’s ability to communicate, including physical difficulties, hearing problems, language delays and cognitive challenges. Here at Canoe Therapy we have designed a thorough and effective speech language pathology program that we are incredibly proud of.

Our Approach to Learning

Developing speech patterns in young children is much easier than trying to correct a problem down the road, which is why we focus on early intervention. However, we work with our patients and facilitate continued improvement and learning at any stage of development. Our individualized treatment plans ensure each child has access to activities he or she enjoys and finds engaging.

Our team of speech-language pathologists uses a total communication approach, which involves various means of interacting including:

This kind of approach enables patients to have more than one way to express frustration thus limiting the amount of emotional outbursts that sometimes occur.

Techniques We Use

Our speech-language pathologists are trained using a variety of different techniques to facilitate the speech-language development of the children they work with. Some of our techniques include:

Always Accountable

As part of our mission to provide outstanding service to each patient on an individual level, our therapists are accountable to the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. Following the standards laid out by the College, our speech-language pathologists complete annual registration and participate in furthering education, competency assessments and clinical audits to ensure that their practices remain ethical, safe and competent.

Questions? Concerns?

Our Speech Therapists team is ready to help your child find new ways to succeed. Schedule a call back and see what makes Canoe Therapy special.

For more information about Speech Therapy or to learn more about the accountability of our Canoe Therapists, visit:

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